I would like to ask you to “take a fresh look at your community” again. What direction is your community going if you accept the status quo? Do you see deterioration, self-centeredness, residents are living in fear and oppression? How’s the environment? Or, do you see a Missional Community where the atmosphere is charged with vigor, joy, freedom, helping one another and caring for each other. Are the neighborhoods clean, safe and vibrant?

When you look again, do you see little things that can make huge impact? Do you see your neighbors getting involved in making it a better place for your family and for your community? What would the church at the street corner say if you offer your assistance to come alongside them to reach out to others? How would your employer or the principal of a school nearby react if you approach them to build a Missional Community– a place where residents are caring for each other, a place where all the sectors of the community come together to build safer and healthier neighborhoods?

Yes, I believe that together, we can build a society known for its hospitality, cleanliness and prosperous in any way possible. My next blog will provide you with practical steps that we can take to transform our neighborhoods together.

God bless,

Merlin Gonzales

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