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Starting the Walk – Founder FHL Community

Hot and sweltering 90-degree weather did not stop us as we start the Hunger Awareness Week at the Indianapolis Canal on Saturday, July 20th.

We walked for about 3 miles around the canal holding placards with hunger statistics. A former northern Indiana Mayor stopped by to speak with Sen. Jim Merritt who part of the kick off. I spoke with several people along the way and all of them were surprised to know about the sad reality of hunger in Indiana and Indianapolis. Indianapolis Star covered the reporting of the walk.

At the end of the walk, I felt blisters on my left feet which was unusual. It maybe the heat. Immediately, I thought this is just the start of the week. How could I walk the rest of the week?

Yesterday, was another hot day. I joined the Prayer Walk led by Indy Vineyard Church in Castleton. We split the group into 2, one group stayed in the food pantry to pray and another group walked at the nearby apartment complex and condominiums. We prayed, we offered cold water to the residents and we spoke to them about hunger.

At the end of the prayer walk, we all huddled together to pray for God’s plan to manifest in the food pantries and the neighborhoods. I received prayers from the group, thank God, I needed it! One of the Prayer Walk Area coordinator reported that there were 2000 people who prayed. Fox 59 TV station came to cover the reporting of the walk.

Today, Monday is the start of the Hunger Challenge. Follow my story daily as I trek the streets of Indianapolis from one food pantry to another. Our starting point today is at Second Helpings with a tour of their facilities. Then,I will walk to Cross Church. God bless you!

Merlin GonzalesStarting the Walk – Founder FHL Community
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