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FHL Week 2016: Children’s Backpack Outreach

Over  70 school-aged Children in the Forest Ridge Apartment Homes were blessed and grateful to receive a back-pack filled with much needed supplies for the new school year.  They learned about the love of God, having a heart like God and watching for God in their lives. The children also have the opportunity  to remember the day by leaving their colorful handprint on a large canvas representing their unique identity in Christ. They played “Freeze Dance” where every time the music stopped they had to freeze where they were and yell out “What I See God In” which we hoped would be a wonderful reminder to them to be aware of the presence of God in all creation. Most importantly, over 30 children and 3 adults that day accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior!



mereedFHL Week 2016: Children’s Backpack Outreach
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FHL Week 2016: Opening of New Hope Indianapolis Food Pantry

The residents of Hope Indianapolis at Hawthorne Place Apartments got together and decided to make a change for their community and address the food insecurity some were experiencing.  As a result, Hope Indianapolis Food Pantry opened for the apartment residents during FHL Week 2016 providing hope to those who are in need.  Hawthorne Place had been operating a food pantry for some time with Faith, Hope and Love as a sponsor.


Merlin spoke with some of the potential clients and the women running this new food pantry about what they think this food pantry will mean for their community.

It was an exciting step forward for this community as its members worked together to make it happen and FHL was there to support them.  Merlin also spoke with a volunteer from the original Hawthorne Place food pantry to get her perspective on the changes they have experienced.

mereedFHL Week 2016: Opening of New Hope Indianapolis Food Pantry
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