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FHL Week 2016: Children’s Backpack Outreach

Over  70 school-aged Children in the Forest Ridge Apartment Homes were blessed and grateful to receive a back-pack filled with much needed supplies for the new school year.  They learned about the love of God, having a heart like God and watching for God in their lives. The children also have the opportunity  to remember the day by leaving their colorful handprint on a large canvas representing their unique identity in Christ. They played “Freeze Dance” where every time the music stopped they had to freeze where they were and yell out “What I See God In” which we hoped would be a wonderful reminder to them to be aware of the presence of God in all creation. Most importantly, over 30 children and 3 adults that day accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior!



mereedFHL Week 2016: Children’s Backpack Outreach
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Helping a Daycare Become Food Sustainable

FHL Week 2016 will include helping a local day care in upgrading its surroundings and creating a vegetable garden in the backyard. This 24-hr daycare is a ministry of a couple who have a heart for the children of Central Indiana. The daycare is located in a neighborhood that is high on the list of socially deteriorating areas in Indianapolis.


Sign up for FHL Week or donate and see how you can be a part of blessing these children and their families.

mereedHelping a Daycare Become Food Sustainable
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