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FHL Week Begins: Press Release July 24, 2016


I am so blessed to be able to work with you in our effort to engage and to involve the community through projects and outreaches during FHL Week. Everyone has done a wonderful job!

Even before the projects started, we already reached our goal – to connect with one another and to meet new friends. We have answered the question: “What would our neighborhoods look like if we could say, The Kingdom of God was here?”

I know everyone is working hard but if your project next week did not go as you have planned, don’t sweat it. Keep in mind that we already expanded and deepened our relationship with our community through our regular interactions at the planning meetings and in canvassing the neighborhoods. It’s already a breakthrough!

Let’s go out there to demonstrate the tangible expression of God’s love to everyone!


mereedFHL Week Begins: Press Release July 24, 2016
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Join The FHL Week Sponsorshop Challenge!

Thrivent Financial Associates is really getting into the spirit of FHL Week 2016 and is reaching out to support the Indianapolis community with volunteers, seed money and an advertising plan for an outreach.

If you are a business (or organization) in the Indianapolis area, won’t you consider joining Thrivent Financial and create your own outreach?   All it takes is:

  • An action team of volunteers
  • Seed money of $250 for a food pantry or outreach
  • Advertising plan for the outreach

Just click Do It and download the form.  Fill it out and mail it to FHL.

Do you already have an active food pantry in 46208?

To celebrate the 12th Annual FHL Week, Faith Hope and Love Community is giving away $50 each for 5 food pantries in the 46208 zip code area and the surrounding neighborhoods as seed money to improve their pantry site, serve the clients better, food drive, etc. you name it! Only 5 will be selected based on the creativeness of the project. Simple fill out the Project Proposal Form .  It’s designed to help you to think creatively and specifically about what kind of outreach you will start with $50 of seed money.

Each participant will fill out a form to provide detailed information on your  creative pantry project.

The deadline to submit the completed form is July 18th

Email the form to [email protected] or snail mail/hand-deliver to Merlin at:

MLK Community  Center (care of FHL Community)
40 W. 40th St.  
Indianapolis, IN., 46208 

The key to this fun-filled project is collaboration, partnership and engagement of the community. Please call Merlin at 317-572-5793 for any questions or for any assistance in putting your project together.

mereedJoin The FHL Week Sponsorshop Challenge!
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