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Hunger Challenge: Day Four – Eldon Kibbey

Hunger Challenge 2019

Day Four

This was a pretty good day! I think the 800 calorie cookie that I had for dessert after lunch yesterday, was enough to tide me over till dinner time today! Hunger was not the issue today, but lack of energy was! I had some good meetings, and felt good while I was engaged with someone, but I didn’t get much work done in between.

I started the day with a friend at Panera, so I had plenty of coffee to get me started. I was successful in getting some writing done after he left, but didn’t accomplish much until two afternoon meetings. The nap around noon was very appealing!

I was finally able to finish a project after a nice dinner on the back porch. Haven’t these last few days been delightful?

I don’t know about you, but I am energized by meaningful conversation. Maybe that’s why I love discipleship so much! I can come into an Operation Timothy meeting feeling tired and lacking motivation, but leave full of energy and enthusiasm! I don’t feel hungry during the meeting but often have a cinnamon disk as I drive away. I have been missing those this week because I didn’t think they were appropriate if I’m restricting myself to one meal a day. I have sworn off snacks this week and that has been a little tough.

Well, one more day and I can return to normal!

I feel for those for whom normal is my last four days. I am sure I could get used to it, but it would not be my desire. I would like for everyone to have the freedom and the resources to choose to eat when they want to, rather than forced to eat when they have to, or scrounge for food just to survive.

Please pray for the food-insecure people and for Faith, Hope & Love as we seek to “Shorten the Line.” Your generous gifts to FHL would help us achieve that!




Eldon KibbeyHunger Challenge: Day Four – Eldon Kibbey
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