What is FHL Week?

It is a week of projects and services for and by the local community. It is about activities that touch the lives of our neighbors. In a sense, it’s creating a missional community.  It’s about relationship; it’s not about projects. FHL seeks to engage the community in making our neighborhoods a better place to live in simple cooperative ways that involve sharing one of the basic human needs – food.

When is FHL Week?

July 19-25, 2020

What Community Services Will We Do?

The neighborhoods and local organizations decide what food projects and services they choose to do. The initial discussion is facilitated by FHL through the identification of available resources. We remain flexible about the exact missions for any given day to allow for weather conditions or last-minute events. Ideally, there will always be more than one food outreach from each of these categories:

  • Service Projects:

    Practical acts of service such as cleaning and organizing food pantries.

  • Kindness Give-Aways:

    Spreading God’s kindness by giving away free food or drink items as a demonstration of God’s free grace! Ex. Free drinks at intersections, or helping at food pantries.

  • Mercy-Related Touches:

    Reaching out to those in need, with more time for listening or praying one-on-one.  Ex. Provide groceries or practical household items to families in need, and visit the elderly assisted living or apartments.

What About the Resources needed?

We believe that God scattered the resources all around us, we just need to come together to identify and ask for them. Inherent people’s hearts is to give. This is the time to give back unconditionally, whether in-kind, financial or volunteering time for the common good. It is a week when community pitches in to make their neighborhood a better place to live. It’s a time of sharing and giving.

What About the Weather?

FHL Week happens rain, shine, snow, sleet …whatever. As a matter of fact, the more inclement the weather, the more impact our kindness has on others. Folks can’t believe we’d brave the elements just to let them know God loves them, and that gives us all the more reason to do it! We make adjustments to outreaches based on the weather, but won’t cancel FHL Week Missions.

What About the Kids?

Kids of all ages are always welcomed at FHL Week Missions! When Missions are announced, we’ll indicate which are most suitable for children. Children are especially helpful and in demand at places like nursing homes!

How do I get started?

FHL gathers groups of people in and around the city to facilitate the identification of projects and services. Each neighborhood works autonomously to be what it wants to be with guidance from FHL. The possibilities to make an impact are endless! Numerous neighborhoods are being transformed through the collective efforts of ordinary people who live in the real world. Who are those people who are transforming our world? People just like you!

It’s already begun. And it’s growing.  Get Started! Or become an FHL Ambassador

Have more Questions?

Call Merlin Gonzales at 317-572-5793 or email [email protected]

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