There are also things that you can participate in

for and with your family during FHL Week.  

 July 23-29, 2017  

which you can register for here DownArrow


But did you know that FHL Week is really about how you can help others in your neighborhood?


How can I help during FHL week?

We’re going to be reaching out to the people in Central Indiana Neighborhoods with projects that will help them during these difficult times so you can….

1. Volunteer
We need people to: hand out food, help with VBS, set up tables, community outreaches, food pantry, etc.
Register online.  OR Call: 317-572-5793.  OR email: [email protected]

2. Pray
Salvation for people coming, protection and safety for all involved, connections and collaborations with local community

3. Donations

Pay for a neighborhood – $250

Please make your donations online or call our offices

at 317-572-5793


Have more Questions?

Call Merlin Gonzales at 317-572-5793 or email [email protected]

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