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Watch an interview with Mayor Brainard of Carmel, Indiana about FHL Week 2019 and our Hunger Awareness Campaign

For your shorter posts and your convenience, please share your Hunger (0-0-1) Challenge Experience here.

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  1. Become an FHL Ambassador for our campaign called, “Hunger (0-0-1) Challenge.” It is an event where community volunteers, leaders, celebrities, CEO’s, business owners embark on a journey of eating one meal per day on July 22-26. Each participant will embark on 0-0-1 campaign. (0-breakfast, 0-lunch, but 1-supper); at your option, you can also join a group to walk from one food pantry to another during the challenge – July 22-26.

  2. WRITE or VIDEO about your your experiences as an FHL Ambassador for Hunger Awareness during FHL Week 2019 and send them in an email to [email protected] or [email protected]  and we will post them on our website blog and feature them in our weekly newsletter!

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