FHL Week 2020

Snacks or Starvation – Day Two of the 2020 Hunger Challenge – Eldon Kibbey


Today, I really became aware of how much I snack during a normal day! I experienced the growling stomach and the hunger pangs, mid-morning, today. But, this afternoon, I was missing the snack times! We buy the jugs of Peanut M&M’s at Costco, and it’s great to grab a few of those when I need a distraction or a reward for finishing a project.

A drive across town was a good way to divert my mind, but it was great to have a hearty dinner!

Then, I got an email from a pastor friend in India who is helping to feed the people there with groceries and bags of rice. The situation there is precarious, for many of their people. While I get a good meal in the evening, they are probably thankful for a handful of rice. The coronavirus is not a joke. It has changed the way the world lives, and the situation for those of us in the US is trivial compared with those in Third World countries.

It seems rather trivial to be concerned about missing snacks, when others are starving to death from lack of food, of any kind.

Please pray for those who are less fortunate than you are, whether in your neighborhood, or in other parts of the world.

Thank you for your concern!



Eldon KibbeySnacks or Starvation – Day Two of the 2020 Hunger Challenge – Eldon Kibbey
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Hunger Pangs – Day One of the 2020 Hunger Challenge – Eldon Kibbey


I normally eat a good breakfast by 7:30am, so it was not surprising to have hunger pangs by 8:30 on the first day of the 0-0-1 Challenge. I started the day with grape juice to take my pills, but I had to stop myself from eating the usual grapes and cherries which I usually enjoy.

By 10:30 I was looking forward to lunchtime, only to realize that I’m skipping lunch, too! Looks like a long afternoon!

Taking a nap was a good substitute for lunch, but I had to curb my desire for a snack after I got up!

A three-way Zoom call was a good diversion, and that meeting generated some ideas that needed to be developed, so it was good to have something to focus on, instead of thinking about my hunger pangs. Iced tea helped too – no sugar – I like it straight!

My wife does a great job with dinner, so our well-balanced evening meal is probably a lot better than that of most people who only eat one meal per day. They are the people we need to be thinking about!

What will it take to meet the needs of all people who have limited access to food?

Certainly, they have needs beyond just hunger, and that is what Faith, Hope & Love seeks to provide.

Think about your part in that! How can you help? It’s not too late to join me in the 0-0-1 Challenge of eating one meal a day! https://www.fhlinternational.info/fhl-ambassador/

Consider donating to the cause by making a contribution to Faith, Hope & Love. Donate

Pray for those in Indianapolis, in Indiana, around the world, who are food insecure. Be thankful for what God has provided for you! Ask Him how He wants to use you to solve the problem!

Thanks for reading!


mereedHunger Pangs – Day One of the 2020 Hunger Challenge – Eldon Kibbey
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2020 Hunger Challenge – Eldon Kibbey

I am engaging in the 3rd annual Hunger Challenge, in support of Faith, Hope & Love, a non-profit ministry engaged in developing Missional Food Pantries to provide for those who are in need.
The idea of the Hunger Challenge is to eat one meal per day for 5 days and write daily about what I am learning as I experience what many people around the world experience every day. Until we understand the circumstances of other people, it is very difficult to empathize with them. My past two years of doing this have given me new insights into the plight of many people.
This year, with the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been thrown into new situations because of loss of jobs, loss of loved ones, and isolation from family and friends. Thanks to a partnership with Starbucks, Faith, Hope & Love has been able to service 100 families per week at the Missional Drive-thru Food Pantry in the old Starbucks building at East 82nd Street and Craig Road, in Castleton. A Missional Food Pantry is more about transformed lives than it is about food distribution. Yes, we give out an abundance of food, but everyone who drives in is registered, then given a chance for prayer, and is offered the gospel of Jesus Christ. Out of the typical 100 cars that come through each Saturday morning, there are usually around 25 people who pray to receive Christ! The registration allows us to follow-up on these people, help them find a church, and offer them opportunities for discipleship. This process requires at least 30 volunteers each week, so this is a great opportunity to impact their lives as well!
I will be skipping my normal breakfast and lunch this week, just eating an evening meal, Monday through Friday. I will report my experiences each day, to let you know what I am learning and how I am feeling.
I am asking you to get involved, as well. If you would like to join me, you can sign up to be an FHL Ambassador at https://www.fhlinternational.info/fhl-ambassador/
If you want to sponsor my efforts, you can donate to Faith, Hope & Love at https://www.fhlcommunity.org/help-us-support-central-indiana-food-pantries/
If you want to get involved, you can become a volunteer, or get your church or other organization to volunteer, by replying to this email. More information about Faith, Hope & Love can be found at https://www.fhlcommunity.org/
Thank you for your concern about the needs of our community! This is an opportunity for you to engage in the process of transformation which is so desperately needed!

Eldon Kibbey2020 Hunger Challenge – Eldon Kibbey
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Praying in the rain – Merlin Gonzales

The FHL Week 2020 started with bangs of thunderstorms, flashes of lightning, and heavy rain.

Within minutes of corporate prayer at the FHL Drive-thru missional food pantry, the rain poured with thunder and bolts of lightning. As we were praying, it seemed like the Lord is saying I will pour out my Spirit on all people,
“And afterward,
I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your old men will dream dreams,
your young men will see visions.” Joel 2:28 (NIV)

Halfway in our prayer, I was reminded about the first FHL Week in 2005 when I walked barefoot around the Indianapolis Circle to dedicate the week to the Lord and prophetically declare the His holiness in the city. While it was pouring rain, I took off my shoes and prayer walked around the building seven times barefooted.

Along the way, while praying and looking to heaven and the pavement, many thoughts came to my mind. God’s faithfulness in providing the former Starbucks building to set up His glory in Castleton, – from an empty building into a place of His habitation and provisions for His people. I was reminded of how excited I was when I found out that Starbucks will be paying for the rent of a prime location to be used to feed His people physically and spiritually.

It was humbling to realize that a once abandoned building is now a spiritual hub in the community. On those asphalt driveway and parking lot, thousands of individuals had already been fed and 200 souls were saved in just a little over 2 months. In a parking lot – people are being saved!!!

In the 4th round walking around the building, a notion came to my mind that in the coming weeks, people will be baptized in the parking, people will be healed physically and spiritually and people will be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I have never imagined that a vision could change a community is such a short time. For example, I had a meeting with one of our drive-thru leaders yesterday at a restaurant behind our building. They provided us a conference room and when it was time to pay the bill, we found out that the Manager comps our lunch as a sign of appreciation for what we do in the community. In fact, ALL the businesses behind our drive-thru MFP, are already our friends and are willing to work alongside us in blessing the community.

In the tail end of my prayer walk with soaking clothes and sore feet, I was invigorated by the notion – that God will soak us with His presence and claim Castleton in His Name. I believe that greater things are yet to come to the city and that we can do the impossible through the grace of God and His anointing.

Tomorrow, we will start our Hunger Challenge (0-0-1), eating a meal a day and chronicle our experience with God and with others. Please do not forget to sign up on this platform to share with others what could be possible.

God bless you and please keep safe and healthy!!

Merlin GonzalesPraying in the rain – Merlin Gonzales
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