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Valued Relationships – Day Three of the 2020 Hunger Challenge – Eldon Kibbey


All’s well that ends well! It seemed like a long afternoon, but pizza for dinner was worth waiting for!

The morning with nothing to eat, but coffee to drink, went well because of back-to-back two-hour Zoom meetings with trusted associates. One of the things I love about discipleship is that the interaction energizes me! Even if I am having a down day, a meeting with a Timothy will jack me up! Too bad I didn’t have a Timothy this afternoon!

After energizing meetings, it was difficult to get motivated to look at my To Do list and get back on track. It eventually happened, but some snacks would have helped!

I’m reminded of earlier days, when I would have lunch with a buddy, and get so engrossed in the conversation that I couldn’t remember what I ate for lunch, when my wife asked me that evening!

The other thing that happened today was that my Indian pastor friend decided to fast and pray, and to institute a fast every Tuesday with their prayer partners! These are the people who are providing food for the people who are starving because of the pandemic. How humbling is that! Our meager efforts here are causing the people who are doing the real work to deprive themselves of food for the sake of others! That’s heroic!

If you would like to help that ministry, reply to this email, and I will connect you with them.

Blessings on each of you who reads this!



Eldon KibbeyValued Relationships – Day Three of the 2020 Hunger Challenge – Eldon Kibbey