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Time with people, nature and God – Merlin Gonzales

My first day into Hunger Challenge was quite different than what I expected.

After a cup of coffee and tendering my garden, I thought of visiting an Indiana Nature Park after my morning meditations; I can still work, meet with people online, and enjoy nature all at the same time.

The idea was agreeable with my wife so we jumped in the car and headed to Portland Arch Nature Preserve in Attica, IN. I was able to hike and witnessed some wonderful sandstone formations. It seemed to me that I was more sensitive to the nature surrounding me. The colors of the rock and the sounds of the whispering wind against the leaves were succinct and clear. A few times, I felt closer to God as I observe nature and the wonder of the silence of the forest.

I was surprised that in spite of an empty stomach, I had the energy to continue on (See attached picture). On the way home, I was on conference call for the 5th time; thank you to my patient wife for driving us around. As soon as I got home, I felt very hungry (I have not had any meals the entire day yet). We had hamburger meat in the refrigerator and within a few minutes, my wife mixed the meat with some seasoning and I slapped them quickly on the grill.

It was such a relief to finally eat. I felt so much better and started to think clearly. I wonder how my 2nd day would look like and how I will feel. I hope to be able to sustain my energy as I was planning to walk from a food pantry to another with empty stomach.

Merlin GonzalesTime with people, nature and God – Merlin Gonzales