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Meetings, Meetings, Meetings – Day Four of the 2020 Hunger Challenge – Eldon Kibbey


Thursday is often what I call a perma-meeting day – that’s a day filled with one meeting after another. My morning was like that, today, from 6:30am – 12:30pm, with an hour break in the middle. The afternoon had a two-hour meeting, and we had a small group meeting this evening at church. Meetings are great for me because they distract me from thinking about food!

The toughest times today were the half hour waiting at Panera for my afternoon meeting, and the drive home from the meeting at church. I was early at Panera and tried to pray, but the hunger pangs were distracting. It made me think that the idea of fasting for prayer does not really work for me. The idea of praying so intensely that I’m willing to skip a meal makes a whole lot more sense!

My Panera partner hadn’t had lunch so I told him to go ahead and eat in front of me. He felt like he owed me something, but it was not a problem at all, because we were engaged in conversation, so I wasn’t thinking about food. The drive home from church in the evening made me think about having a snack when I got home, knowing I couldn’t have one. Interestingly, when I got home, my mind was on other things, and I didn’t even think about food!

COVID-19 has kept me pretty sequestered, so the face-to-face meetings were unusual. Because I haven’t been driving to meetings, I haven’t expended as much energy as I have in past years, so I haven’t gotten as tired.

One of my Timothys who is doing the 0-0-1 Challenge this week has been much more active, so he wore himself out with strenuous activity on Tuesday. It makes me think of those in third-world countries who have to spend their days doing something to generate their one meal of the day. It must be exhausting!

Who am I to even be thinking that this Hunger Challenge means something? It is a shadow of the way of life of the people we need to be concerned about! But, in some meager way, this makes me more aware of their plight, and maybe it helps you to have some empathy for them. That is the hope, anyway!

Thanks for reading this! Please pray for those who are less fortunate!




Image source: FHL at Rotary Club Meeting

Eldon KibbeyMeetings, Meetings, Meetings – Day Four of the 2020 Hunger Challenge – Eldon Kibbey