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Hunger Awareness Week 2020: Day 2 – Aarik Williams

Good morning, friends!

So as expected, Day 2 of this 0-0-1 Hunger Challenge (dinner only) caught up to me more severely yesterday. I didn’t enjoy being around myself and am thankful that there weren’t many people subjected to being around me, either!

Things were fine in the morning, but by 1-1:30 my energy was spent. Here at FHL, our network pantries meet at one of our churches and divide all the food we receive from Midwest Food Bank twice a month on Tuesdays, and yesterday happened to be one of those days. The picture below is the truckload that we were blessed to bring back to our pantry here in Castleton. We had a great haul of canned goods, bread, dairy variety packs, cereal and more!

As you might suspect, unloading these items by yourself is somewhat physically demanding. Add then to that fact that I had to spend a lot of time removing items from the boxes seen here as well as boxes already in our refrigerators in order to make everything fit (good problem to have!), and I would’ve been ready for a great lunch afterward!

Problem is that I wasn’t able to eat lunch because of this challenge. And rest assured I was thinking about that the whole time I was doing the work, that I wasn’t going to be able to have lunch after I finished. Which then put me in a bad mood about why I was having to do all the work myself during this one ridiculous week where I was intentionally going undernourished.
I certainly had a series of frustrations surface with my thoughts toward God in the morning/early afternoon. The purpose of fasting to get you to think more about God certainly worked for me, but none of those thoughts were fun or pleasant!

My remaining assignment was a mental one of working to compile data and finish some reporting that we require of all pantries in the FHL Network. As this is something I am going through for the first time, there are some things I am working to invent along the way so the process is much easier in the future.
Needless to say I was entirely ineffective in that process after finishing unloading all of our food. I ended up going home and taking a 2-hour nap, while justifying my unanswered calls and texts were better for everyone else not having to endure my surliness, anyway.

I was blessed to have a great dinner while reconnecting with a dear, old friend last night! Funny how my spirits picked up after a good meal and sharing in a valued relationship. Enjoying our great conversation and that nice meal completely took my mind off the Hunger Challenge during that period.

I can tell you from experience that we see our share of homeless people visit our pantry alone, and that our MREs and other ready-to-eat items aren’t as satisfying as a restaurant burrito. I honestly don’t even want to begin to imagine what it must be like eating alone and simply for sustenance on a regular basis.
Can’t necessarily say I’m “looking forward” to what today will bring, but it is my prayer that God continues revealing to me how He wants my heart to grow for Him and the underserved in our community and society.

Aarik WilliamsHunger Awareness Week 2020: Day 2 – Aarik Williams