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Hunger Challenge: Day Two – Eldon Kibbey

Hunger Challenge 2019
Day Two
What a beautiful day! It was enjoyable to have a chilly morning and to be able to meet the men at the CBMC Indy Eastside breakfast at Lincoln Square Pancake House on E 56th Street. Unfortunately, I was unable to enjoy my usual waffle, but did drink coffee. Conversation is a good distraction from hunger, so I got along fine, even though the other men were eating big breakfasts. Next week! I’ll be able to get back into my routine, then!

I have found that hunger is a distraction with work. I can’t imagine a daily routine of hunger pangs while trying to do meaningful work. I can do it for a week, but would not like it on a regular basis. I was glad I had a discipleship meeting today which distracted me from thoughts of food. I had to get a couple of fillings at the dentist, so they numbed my gums and I think it numbed my brain, as well! It was good to take a nap when I got home. Then, refreshed, I was able to do some work in the yard before a welcome dinner with my wife.
I am really blessed! God has given me so much, and I am concerned for those who are dealing with food insecurity on a regular basis.
Won’t you help Faith, Hope & Love to reach out to those less fortunate? Your generous donation would be very helpful! Any amount would be appreciated! And, please pray with me for those who are struggling to find a meal a day.

Eldon KibbeyHunger Challenge: Day Two – Eldon Kibbey

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