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Hunger Challenge: Day Three – Eldon Kibbey

Hunger Challenge 2019

Day Three

Today was a great day, although it started slowly! I had difficulty getting up, and traded some of my exercise time and my treadmill time for an extra half hour of sleep. I am attributing that tiredness to weight-loss more than hunger. When I weighed this morning, I had hit a low point that I haven’t seen for 30 or 40 years! I can’t remember when I have weighed that little! I never got that low on Weight Watchers, which was 13 years ago.

I had a cup of coffee at McDonald’s for morning meetings, then switched my eating schedule to 1:00pm for a pre-scheduled two-hour business lunch with CBMC associates. That was an easy choice since someone else was paying for it! I figured that was pretty realistic for anyone trying to survive on a meal a day! You grab food when it is offered to you!

A discipleship meeting followed that, and I traded a 6:00pm prayer meeting for my usual dinner time, so I didn’t have to watch my wife eating alone. So, this day went pretty well!

Tomorrow, I will be dealing with 27 hours without food, since I will be back on the supper-only routine. I talked with two of my friends, today, about their experiences on the Hunger Challenge. Each of us is dealing with it in a different manner, and each of us is learning something different. We are probably learning more about ourselves and our own eating habits, than about those who chronically miss meals, but it is a good exercise, anyway. It is always good to learn new things!

I hope you are learning some things as you read my emails! I hope you will consider donating to the cause! Thank you, if you have already given!




Eldon KibbeyHunger Challenge: Day Three – Eldon Kibbey

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