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Hunger Challenge 2019 – Interim Board Chair

Faith, Hope and Love is a 15 year-old local organization dedicated to the development of Missional Food Pantries, in the effort to “Shorten the Line” of folks getting free food, by guiding them to a relationship with Jesus Christ, helping them get a job, or training them to better handle their finances. In the past year, Faith, Hope and Love has incubated three new food pantries, and their network of food pantries has led nearly 300 people to receive Jesus Christ as their personal savior! Compare that with the number of salvations in your church in the past year!

I have been on the FHL Board since 2006, when we incorporated the ministry and have seen many changes. Faith, Hope and Love began by gathering churches, annually, to do service projects. That effort expanded to distributing food from a truck, during the year. Food pantries were birthed and the concept of the Missional Food Pantry developed, so that food distribution moved from transactional to relational. Efforts were made to focus on the clients’ specific needs by getting to know them, and by praying for them. We learned that one of the greatest needs was to know Jesus Christ, personally, so the presentation of the Gospel became an integral part of the process.

Faith, Hope and Love developed a Training Manual and a process for training churches to have their own Missional Food Pantry. It has been gratifying to see churches shut down a struggling food pantry, have their church people trained by Faith, Hope and Love, re-open as a Missional Food Pantry, and see multiple people come to Christ, and have an abundance of volunteers among their church members!

That’s why I am excited about participating in the 0-0-1 Hunger Challenge to raise awareness for the fact that many people in our city are going hungry on a daily basis, and to raise money for Faith, Hope and Love, as we seek to “Shorten the Line.”

This week, Monday through Friday, I will eat only one meal per day, skipping breakfast and lunch, and eating only at dinner time. We are told that many people in our city are forced into this pattern, because of their lack of resources. I will write, daily, to share my experiences with this process. Last year, when I engaged in this pattern for the first time, I found that by “pigging-out” at supper, I was able to survive the next day pretty well. I want to restrain myself this year, by eating a more normal dinner. I will let you know how it goes!

Won’t you help with this process by praying for Faith, Hope and Love and by giving to this great organization?

You can engage in the process by clicking on the Donate button!

You can learn more about volunteering, yourself, at FHL Community


Eldon Kibbey, Interim Board Chair

mereedHunger Challenge 2019 – Interim Board Chair