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Hunger Challenge: Day One – Eldon Kibbey

Hunger Challenge 2019

Day One

It’s 9:00 in the evening and I’m “hungry-tired.” I’m ready to go to bed, but feel like I want a snack, as well. I had a good dinner, but maybe that just woke up my stomach! At 8:30pm I was feeling hungry. I have a rule that I never eat anything after 8:30. I started that when I did Weight Watchers 13 years ago. Most evenings I’m not hungry then, anyway, but I am tonight!

I did pretty well all day, skipping breakfast and lunch. I used water instead of grape juice, to take my morning pills, but had my usual Monday morning coffee at Panera. I had to work at keeping myself busy, once I returned home, because I am used to taking a lunch break, then taking a nap, and snacking on something sweet when I get up. I took an earlier nap, but that made the afternoon go longer, and I had a tiredness that I can attribute to the lack of food.

I feel for those who are limited in the amount of food that they have access to. I know there are some people who only fix one meal per day, but nibble on it whenever they are hungry. Others lack the resources to do that, and may not have more than a snack, when they do eat.

I hope you can get a picture of that for yourself. What would it be like if that were your daily routine?

Please help us at Faith, Hope & Love to meet the needs of these people, both from a food standpoint and from a spiritual standpoint!


mereedHunger Challenge: Day One – Eldon Kibbey

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