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Excited To Get Started

Excited to get started

I woke up at 4:30am and can’t go back to sleep. Perhaps excited to get started.

Thank God, it was much cooler today; the early morning rain helped. I put 3 bottles of cold water, portable phone charger, an extra shirt and raincoat in my backpack. The meeting place today was at Second Helpings. Patti spent almost an hour showing us around and explained their operations, which was excellent.

By the time we headed out, the rain stopped. My wife was my buddy since she can track down my location with her iPhone. While walking, I noticed Salvation Army building. I remembered that their food pantry director visited the Table Talk twice last year.

I stopped by unannounced but the pantry director was kind enough to visit with me and let me interview her about their operations. Visit for the interview and other Live coverage of the day. On my way out, a teenager shook my hand and introduced himself. He is a son of one of the volunteers at a missional food pantry that we trained a few years ago. He is now a Youth leader at Salvation Army. This made my day! I know that we are touching lives in Indianapolis!

Immediately after leaving the building, I received a call from WFYI for a phone interview. Here’s the article:

After walking for almost 3 miles, a man asked me What’s the deal with the sign I was holding – Hunger Awareness. After explaining to him of the purpose, he asked me buy him pizza. I did not bring my wallet and even left my wedding ring at home. I offered him water in my knapsack and he graciously accepted it. He thanked me as he proceeded on his way.

I arrived at Cross Church after 2.5 hours of walking and a stop over. It was so nice that their pantry director and the pastor opened the doors for me with cold bottled water!

My wife met me there with our car; I was starting to feel loss of energy. We went home and I was tempted to take a nap but my adrenaline was still pumping in my veins; maybe because of the different kinds of people I came across with along my 5-mile-walk.

As I am writing this, I started to feel cold; my hands and feet were cold as well – my body is asking for fuel. After drinking a glass of water, I felt a little better but pain of hunger is still there. I am just happy that I can still think clearly – we’ll see how it goes later on tonight.

This was a full day and can’t wait to get started again tomorrow to meet people along the way to Barnes UMC and then a tour at Cleo’s Bodega.

Merlin GonzalesExcited To Get Started

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